HL2DMU Official Curriculum

Before you begin studying the courses in the official HL2DMU Curriculum, it is recommended that you play through the single player game to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and weapons. These courses also assume that you have been able to successfully install HL2DM and are able to connect to an online game. If you are having difficulty getting started, we recommend you visit the support page at www.steampowered.com for assistance.

Stage 1

HL2DM 101 - Introduction to HL2DM

HL2DM 102 - Setup and Configuration

HL2DM 103 - Fundamental Skills

Stage 2

HL2DM 201 - Advanced Techniques

HL2DM 202 - Advanced Movement

Stage 3

HL2DM 301 - Introduction to 1 vs 1 Strategy

HL2DM 302 - Introduction to Teamplay