HL2DMU was founded on the principle that the community can work together to make the game better for all players. This means working together to facilitate and promote higher quality maps, cleaner servers, tougher competition, and more sportsmanlike behavior.

HL2DMU is designed for all players with a good attitude, regardless of clan affiliation, skill level, play-style preference, and reputation.

Although HL2DMU may initiate and host various projects, all work remains the property of it's respective authors, including videos, maps, plugins, software and all other contributions to the site. If you contribute to HL2DMU, full credit will be given wherever possible. HL2DMU is simply a vehicle for the community and has no interest in claiming credit for anything.

If you want to show support for HL2DMU, simply show support for the HL2DM community. It is as easy as getting online, joining a server, and giving it your best without whining about how others choose to play the game.