Content Disclaimer

These pages were retrieved from the Wayback Machine. They are hosted here for the purpose of keeping HL2DM alive by continuously helping players improve. All credits for content and images go to the original creators.

This final version is built on a 2013 mirror of the site by Ade (ad3.lina.m [at] gmail [dot] com):
"Pictures re-done by FENIX. I'd also like to thank 2 coders that helped me figure out and edit the shotgun maximum damage explanation: Au-Heppa for always knowing where to look and bearing with me, explaining stuff; and AniCator for confirming that it was same damage even before the orange box update; and of course QuAz helped with testing the figures."

The frag videos and other (non-broken) pages were added by harper in August 2015, and the result was then hosted here.


The site is now hosted on Github, and anybody who wishes to make changes or add content can do so here. It just requires very basic HTML knowledge to edit these pages.